269 ​​Life France

The association 269 Official Life France (also called 269 Life France ) is the French branch of the collective global 269 Life defending animal rights and is non-profit . It existed without statutes deposited (citizen group) in France since 24 December 2012 and operated especially in Paris , then became an organization whose statutes were filed prefecture Nancy in October 2015.

Awakening to a lifestyle vegan antispéciste ( ethics of life considering the different animal species as equal in dignity , recognizing their minimum right to live, and that it is immoral to use them to our advantage) and abolitionist ( militancy claiming the end of exploitation and speciesism ), it regularly organizes street actions (happenings, information stands, towing, …) in the region Grand-Est , in Paris area and in some cities in France . A nationwide action is organized each 26 of September (26/9 = 269) in Paris .

Collectif citoyen “269 Life France”, mouvement mondial 269life.


Des actions chocs pour attirer les médias et de nouveaux militants ; Mais aussi une démarche pédagogique envers sympathisants et militants, pour le …

Matériel militant et Boutique en ligne – 269 Life France


Matériel militant et Boutique en ligne pour aider le collectif et diffuser le mouvement.

Les actions du collectif 269 Life France


Action mondiale 269 Life France, à Paris, le 26 septembre 2015. Le mouvement de … Lien vers le site de la marche : fermons-les-abattoirs.org. Crédit photo …

Le collectif 269 Life France


Et le plus important, le coeur de 269 Life France, c’est vous, les sympathisants qui lisez notre site internet, nos tweets et notre page facebook, qui relayez notre …