Americans For Medical Advancement

Americans For Medical Advancement (AFMA) is a 501 (c) (3) science-based patient advocacy organization to improve policy and decision-making on the use of the animal model in biomedical research and drug testing. [1] They are opposed to the use of animals only as models to predict human response. For example, ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity), efficiency testing and medical research where the results of animal-based research assumed predictive for humans. Scientifically, such use is known as using animals causal analog models or predictive models. [2]

Ray Greek MD, President and along his wife Jean Greek, a veterinarian, one of the founders of AFMA. Board members include Lawrence Hansen, MD, professor of neurosciences and pathology, University of California, San Diego and Mark Rice, MD, Anesthesiology, University of Florida. [3]


AFMA want to see drugs get to market faster, safer and cheaper, and want to see medical research funding focused on the more relevant research. As such, they recommend:

  1. reevaluating the US Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency requirements for animal experiments, to the extent that these requirements assume that animal models predictive of human response;
  2. to grant agencies the National Institutes of Health stop encouraging “animal models of …” research, because this strategy requires animal predictive models and is therefore incompatible with current scientific knowledge.

Equally important, in their view, is the fact that animals can be successfully used in many other areas of science such as basic scientific research and comparative research. AFMA does not oppose the use of animals in research in these areas. This distinction separates them from the animal welfare groups. Most organizations that oppose animal experiments for ethical reasons related to animal suffering. AFMA has a unique role to illustrate the lack of validity of the animal model of drug testing and animal-based research for human diseases. Although some fans may be pro-animals, many are not. The unifying factor for their followers, their argument that the animal model is not valid for predicting drug response and other functions in the human disease. [4] [5]

Critics of the group, such as similar names of Americans for Medical Progress dismiss a shell organization that “exists primarily as a website to publish the submissions and to promote the book” founder Ray and Jean Greek, and argue that it ignores the significant medical advances made through animal-based research. [ Citation needed ]


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