Hunt Saboteurs Association

The Hunt Saboteurs Association ( HSA ) is an organization that uses direct action to stop the fox hunting. HSA has used the same basic tactics since their introduction in 1963, the underlying principle is to interfere with a day’s hunting.


In 1964, John Prestige founded the Hunt Saboteurs Association in Brixham, England, after being assigned to report on the Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds, where “he witnessed the hunters run a deer in a village and kill her.” [1] to “violently oppose blood sports, ” [1] HSA avoided parliamentary reform and instead went straight out on the hunting grounds for doing everything they could, sometimes breaks the law and is thus arrested, to prevent the killing of British animals. [1] “Within a year, appeared HSA groups in England in Devon, Somerset, Avon, Birmingham, Hampshire and Surrey. Ronnie Lee, founder of the animal rights group Band of Mercy (and later the Animal Liberation Front), began his activism in the HSA group in Luton, England HSA operates. now throughout Europe and North America. Hunt saboteurs often refer to themselves as “SAB” or monitors (to reflect that they collect evidence of illegal activity), but typically called “Antis” (short for “anti-hunters”) by hunters.

Early evidence

A group of hunt saboteurs appear as a critical plot element in the 1963 film The List of Adrian Messenger .


HSA using tactics such as: hunting horns and whistles to mislead dogs, spraying fragrance dullers, put false trails, and locking gates to interfere with the development of a hunt. [2] In the mid-1990s, the members used a “gizmo” (a portable cassette player connected to a megaphone or other portable amplification equipment) to play the sound of the dogs in the cries, allowing the dogs to cancel the hunt. These are examples of “non-violent direct measure tactics”. [3]

HSA has expanded to Europe and countries like the US and Canada, so their tactics have varied depending on the type of hunting is disturbed. HSA now routinely interfere with deer, waterfowl, turkeys, mink and rabbit hunting, and fishing and other types of fishing. [4] As a result, many states have passed laws that prohibit disturbance of legal hunting. [ Citation needed ]


A public order act was created to help control the HSA members on private land. Part V Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (CJPOA) 68 § (1) created the offense in connection with the intrusion of hunt saboteurs including giving police officers the ability to “direct trespassers on land (which is where the common purpose of residing there each period) to leave it country where the occupier has taken steps to ask them to do it, and whether they have damaged the country, or they have used threatening, abusive or insulting behavior to the occupier, the occupier family members, employees or agents, or between them they have six or more vehicles on the ground “.

The law also created the crime of aggravated encroachment formed (in part) to give the police power of the HSA activists, “a person commits the crime of aggravated infringement if he breaches the land of the free and in relation to any legal activity that people engage in or are on about to engage in it or adjacent land in the open, make it something that is for him to have effect: a) to intimidate those persons or any of them, so as to discourage them or any of them from participating in this business, b) to prevent such activities, or c) to disrupt the business. ” [5] [6]


HSA Britain publishes a quarterly journal, Howl . [7]


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