Italian Horse Protection Association

The Italian Horse Protection Association ( IHP ) is the only rescue center in Italy for mistreated and confiscated equines, [1] is based on Law 189 of 2004 (the mistreatment of animals). [2]


Battered horses 

The main aim of the Italian Horse Protection Association is the psychological and physical recovery equine subjected to garnishment under Law 189 of 2004 (the mistreatment of animals). Besides the aim to increase awareness of the ethological characteristics and the specific needs of equines. The IHP idea equines very often misunderstood by their human counterparts, which sometimes results in unintended mistreatment because of this lack of understanding.

infectious anemia

Another very important aspect to IHP addresses linked to the challenge of educating horse owners and the public about the reality associated with equine infectious anemia, a disease association considers to be misunderstood and less dangerous than is generally believed. For this purpose, started a scientific collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Perugia. With the permission of the competent veterinary AUSL (local health agency) [3] and, according to Italian standards, [4] Horse Protection Association Italian is the only active isolation facility in Italy that allows free movement of horses that were found positive to the Coggins test (agar immunodiffusion) .


IHP has sought recognition of their horses as companion animals rather than just a source of income or pleasure. Such recognition would once approved, inter alia, contribute to the implementation of a ban on horse slaughter. Above all IHP an animal legal association and the only association of its kind in Italy that deals exclusively with horses. It also supports vegetarianism. [5]


The Italian Horse Protection Association is located in the municipality of Montaione, in the province of Florence. The equines live in open pastures of approximately 100 hectares of land, under constant surveillance by the many volunteers and veterinarians in the society.

scientific collaborations

IHP collaborates with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Perugia for research on infectious anemia and equine ethology, and with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pisa to practice on horses in freedom.


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