Association L214 (also known as L214 éthique et animaux) is a French law in 1901 (non-profit) association for animal welfare. It was founded in 2008 by the collective “Stop tube feeding” for the abolition of foie gras, which is now continuing its activities in L214.

It is devoted to the welfare of animals used for human consumption (meat, milk, eggs and fish), questioning the relationship between society and animals.


The name of the association comes from the article L214-1 of the French Code rural which animals are called “sensitive beings” for the first time in French law: “All animals, like a delicate creature, must be placed by its owner in conditions compatible with the biological requirements of its art “. L214 founders have “animal liberation” or “animal rights” views. Some have participated in the introduction of these ideas in France by the magazine Cahiers antispécistes.


L214 want to document and cover the ordinary conditions of farming, fishing, animal transport and slaughter of “fuel public debate on animal welfare association” leads campaigns to change the rules of protection of animals and the consumption pattern. Investigation pictures and association experience is often used in reports on the agricultural industry in the media.

Main Specials

foie gras

In November 2013, a study led by L214 in force-feeding, in buildings by Ernest Soulard company, supplying starred restaurants and the Parisian luxury hotel, is published. In light of the controversy, chef Joël Robuchon, target of the compound, interrupting their supplies from Ernest Soulard, “until there is evidence that the animals are not abused in broadcast video.” Alain Ducasse, who also was the target of the campaign L214 still taking deliveries from Ernest Soulard, despite an online petition against him.

In February 2013 after repeated presence in front of the store chain Monoprix stores L214 activists in many large cities in France decided retailer to stop its own brand using the eggs from the chickens grown in cages from April 2013, with the help of free-range eggs instead.


In February 2010, after negotiations with the L214 in the campaign surrounding the society’s management of the Novotel hotel chain announced that the eggs on their breakfast menu will henceforth from outdoor reared hens.


In September 2008, L214 searched Metz (Moselle) Charal slaughterhouse. This hidden camera investigation led by an activist from the Association hired by the company Charal as a slaughterhouse worker. According to the Association have been two previous requests to visit is rejected by an e-mail message in which Charal company declares to have “made welfare a central and specific part of its quality policy.” The survey shows filmed cattle slaughter as “do not respect the operational regulation and lead to unsustainable death,” according to the association. Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire is “shocked” by pictures showing the animals seeming to regain consciousness before and during that bled. L214 make complaints against Charal company on September 2009 on animal cruelty. Charal L214 want to remove the video from their sites, complain about violation of their website, and the challenges charges of Association, condemned “an entity with false and party remarks, whose sole purpose is to shock and make the meat consumers owe.”

Online sources

L214 makes their investigative video and pictures on its website under a Creative Commons license. L214 also manages many websites, including:

http://www.viande.info gather more information on ethics, ecological and sanitary problems, as a result of production and consumption of animal origin.

http://www.politique-animaux.fr publishing positions of political actors (elected representatives or candidates) on several topics related to animal welfare.

http://www.stopgavage.com www.stopgavage.com devoted to the protection of ducks and gooses used for product foie gras, magret and confit.

http://www.lait-vache.info collect data on the impact of milk production and its operation (cheese, butter, yogurt …) on animals used in the product.

http://abolir-la-viande.org is the launch pad for the requirement to ban the fact that killing animals to eat them.