Libera! is a Spanish non-profit animal rights organization. In order to create sensitivity, they especially make education campaigns and public awareness, [1] complaint [2] and other protest actions. Libera! Founded in 2004 in Barcelona. In its origins they usually measures in Catalonia until it turns into a national organization.

One of their campaigns have achieved a major international media campaign Libera a Susi (Spanish: “Free Susi”), [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] , which aims to Barcelona Zoo let the only elephant are still living there, the African elephant named Susi, who according Libera! and the British organization Born Free Foundation suffered severe psychological problems [8] as a result of loneliness, moved to an elephant sanctuary where she could live in better conditions for a close state and freedom in the company of other elephants.

This campaign has received support from the world of culture, like the Nobel Prize in Literature José Saramago, [9] [10] The Queen Sofía [11] and personalities in Barcelona municipal policy, Imma Mayol, [12] among others. [13] [14] [15]Libera! Libera! conducted this campaign with the support of Fundación Faada and the Born Free Foundation. [16]

Libera! also formed together with the Fundación FAADA , Plataforma Rambles Ètiques , [17] which campaigns to ensure that, in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 22/2003 and the Regulation on the protection of animals in the city council of Barcelona will stop selling animals in the traditional poultry shops of La Rambla. In various media campaigns, the Plataforma Rambles Ètiques condemned the conditions in which animals live and thrown debris bodies of many animals dying, although the practice is not legally allowed to threaten public health. Otherwise, the shopkeeper also thrown in the trash even live animals. [18] [19]

Libera! is also, together with the platform SOS Stop Our Shame and CAS International, the coordinator of Plataforma Galicia Mellor Sen Touradas [20] [21] which aims to abolish bullfighting in Galicia. [22] The campaign has the support of environmental organizations Adega Galician or feed pore feed not .

In March 2009, Libera! brought a lawsuit against the former Minister Mariano Fernández Bermejo for the crime of poaching during the respective hunting without a license made in February of the same year with the judge of the Audiencia Nacional, Baltasar Garzón, [23] when Bermejo was still attorney general.


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