Movement for Compassionate Living

The Movement for Compassionate Living ( MCL ) is a British organization that promotes veganism and sustainable lifestyle. Membership is informal, based on subscriptions to the group record new leaves , with subscribers in many countries.

The organization was founded by former Vegan Society secretary Kathleen Jannaway and her husband Jack, 1984. [1]

MCL quoting John Woolman, Mahatma Gandhi, Tom Regan, Robert Hart, Helen and Scott Nearing, Richard St. Barbe Baker, Adele Curtis and Henry Bailey Stevens as examples of compassionate living individuals. [2]


  1. To spread the vegan message and encourage simple living and self-reliance as a remedy for the exploitation of humans, animals and the earth.
  2. Promoting the use of trees and vegan organic farming to meet society’s needs for food and natural resources.
  3. To promote land-based society where so much of our food and resources as possible produced locally.

MCL claim to;

Compassionate living is all about making connections between the way we live and how others suffer from excessive industrial development and the destruction of the planet. It means a commitment to work for change without violence, promoting lifestyles that are possible for all people of the world, sustainable within the resources the planet, environmentally friendly and free from all exploitation of animals and humans.


The organization publishes a quarterly journal, “new leaf”. MCL leaflets and brochures printed and distributed by Veggies of Nottingham, which also helps to promote the work of the MCL with information booths at events.

  • Abundant Living i den kommande Age of Tree av Kathleen Jannaway
  • Growing Our Own: A Guide to Vegan Gardening Kathleen Jannaway
  • Sustainable Tree-based autonomous Vegan Villages (STAVVs) by Kathleen Jannaway


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