Oxford Arson Squad

Oxford Arson Squad (or Oxford Arson Group) is a militant animal rights organization, which originated in Britain in 2005 after claiming firebombing of Corpus Christi College Sports Pavilion at Oxford University. The university condemned these acts of direct action stating that “terrifying nature of this message is totally unacceptable.” [1]

mission statement

Oxford Arson Squad first established itself as an anonymous message was sent to Bite Back claiming the failed arson at Corpus Christi College, September 23, 2005, stating: [2]

  • We have spent 15 months researching you, and we all know the weakness you have.
  • You have people in your ranks are acting against you.
  • You can not build South Park Lab without incurring large losses.
  • We are stronger than you, we have more determination than you and we will never give up!
  • If we have to destroy every piece of property that you own, we will to stop you cause your profit atrocities of defense beings.
  • You can not stop us, we are free to attack you at will, whenever and wherever we choose!


The activists are using the same conductor resistance model Animal Liberation Front (ALF), which consists of small, independent, secret cells acting independently. A cell can consist of just one person.

Their cause seems to cause property damage, probably arson, but not harm people, and is one reason that they have been accused of being members or supporters of the ALF. [3]

The targets have been enterprises based in Oxford, and the surrounding areas, using incendiary devices to firebomb businesses assuming they have financial links with Oxford University.

direct actions

Longbridges boat house fire

The group became known after the first arson in Oxford which caused an estimated £ 500,000 worth of damage on 4 July 2005. [1] In response to this attack, with insurance premiums to rise for the business, was Longbridge boathouse given corporate sponsorship and donations.

The fire caused a total of 26 boats will be unusable as it was part of St Hilda’s, St Catherine’s, Hertford, Mansfield and St Benet Hall boats and yacht clubs. [4]The investigation cause of the fire was attributed to ignition devices had been placed in eight bays. The group said they targeted the boathouse because of their obvious ties to the Oxford University who uses primates in experiments. The group in an ad to Bite Back said [4] [5]

From here on something you own, rent or have contacts with taboo until the project is scrapped, to warn builders and suppliers that they will get a part, although their participation will be light years later, we will not let you off the hook!

Ed Mayne, spokesman for Oxford University said [4]

We are appalled by the content of a statement on the fire in an Oxford College boathouse. The daunting nature of this communication is totally unacceptable.

Failed attempts

Two arsons failed a firebomb found disabled in Christ Church College’s Sports Pavilion, despite the group claimed that they had directed the Corpus Christi College in July 2005. The second unit at Oxford’s Templeton College in February 2007 was also found to be disabled. The group claimed that once having conducted an arson, [3] [6] said again in an anonymous communiqué Bite Back: [7]

This latest action is part of an ongoing campaign against the University of Oxford and its continued use of animal tests.

Other arsons

In November 2006 there was an arson at Queen’s College, this again is said to be because of the economic relationship with Oxford University. The Animal Liberation Front consists of small autonomous groups of people all over the world who carry out direct action according to the ALF guidelines. All groups of people who are vegetarians or vegans and who carry out actions according to ALF guidelines have the right to consider themselves as part of the ALF. [8] [9] A message was sent to Bite Back website states, [10]

ALF volunteers were given access to the roof of the building and removed a portion of tiles placed an incendiary bomb containing 12 liters of fuel inside. Attacks will escalate in the face of an institution and the government has tried to destroy the legal protest and continue to sanction violence against animals

Similar attacks occurred almost a year later, in November 2007, when the ALF alleged vehicle belonging to a researcher of the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University was firebombed and a director of Acorn Integrated systems sports car, which the group accused of aiding the construction of the laboratory. The group said in a message to Bite Back: “There will be more. Barry and Felix. “ . [11] [12] [13]


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