National Wild Turkey Federation

The National Wild Turkey Federation is an international non-profit organization whose mission is “the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.” It has more than 250,000 members in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 14 other countries .


The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is a private non-profit conservation and education organization founded in 1973 with a mission to preserve wild turkeys and preserve our hunting heritage.

More than 250,000 NWTF members and volunteers, along with its wildlife agency and corporate partners, have helped restore and manage the current population of more than 7 million wild turkeys in North America. In addition, the NWTF, along with its conservation partners and members, has helped to acquire or improve more than 17,000,000 acres (69,000 km 2) of public, private and corporate lands, and more than $ 372 million habitat and preserve its hunting heritage.

Through its outreach programs, the NWTF family has helped thousands of children, women and people with disabilities across North America develop outdoor skills. The NWTF’s JAKES, Women in the Outdoors and Wheelin ‘programs have helped people to better appreciate the outdoors, understand the importance of wildlife management and enjoy hunting as an honorable quest. [1]

Hunting Heritage Super Funds Banquets

The NWTF’s main fundraiser is the banquet of the Hunting Heritage Super Fund, where members and volunteers from the NWTF gather for fun by purchasing firearms and exclusive merchandise at the NWTF banquets.

The Hunting Hunting Heritage Fund Banquet Program was established in 1983 as a fun way for members to support the NWTF while introducing new people to conservation and the outside world.

Funds raised through the Super Fund program are used to carry out Hunting Heritage Super Fund projects, including conservation and awareness projects in the states that raise the funds.

Through the Hunting Heritage Heritage Fund, NWTF volunteers and partners spent over $ 372 million to preserve hunting traditions and conserve over 17,000,000 acres (69,000 km 2) of wildlife habitat .


The NWTF supports the scientific management of wildlife on public, private and corporate lands. The founders of the NWTF have established a technical committee made up of wildlife biologists from state and provincial wildlife organizations that make recommendations on research, management, restoration and educational programs.

The Wild Turkey Partnership Agreements provide the framework for co-operative wildlife management, research and education activities between the NWTF and its agency and its corporate partners. These partnerships improve millions of acres of wildlife habitat on private, commercial and public lands. NWTF wildlife professionals provide information to help these partners use wildlife management strategies in their forestry and land management programs. [2]

Making tracks

NWTF is a program of cooperation between federal, provincial and federal wildlife agencies to restore wild turkeys to all suitable habitats in North America. The NWTF works with wildlife agencies that coordinate the trap and transfer of wild turkeys. Wild turkey populations have more than doubled since 1990. In areas where they are abundant, wild turkeys are trapped by propelled nets or dropped on a flock. The captured birds are placed individually in specialized transport boxes and then released into suitable habitat areas with little or no wild turkeys. The NWTF regularly provides trapping equipment, transfer boxes and helps coordinate wild turkey transfers between states, provinces and countries. Since the 1950s, state and provincial conservation agencies have moved more than 192,000 wild turkeys to suitable habitats across North America. The NWTF, founded in 1973, helped accelerate these efforts by providing trapping equipment, transfer boxes, funding and volunteers. There are currently over 7 million wild turkeys in North America. has helped to accelerate these efforts by providing trapping equipment, transfer boxes, funding and volunteers. There are currently over 7 million wild turkeys in North America. has helped to accelerate these efforts by providing trapping equipment, transfer boxes, funding and volunteers. There are currently over 7 million wild turkeys in North America.

The NWTF partners with federal, provincial and provincial wildlife agencies to carry out projects of the Hunting Hunting Heritage Fund. Projects of the Super Hunting Heritage Fund include establishing walk-in hunting areas, planting wildlife areas, developing water resources, conducting prescribed burns, co-hosting full-time learning activities air for women, children and people with disabilities. reintroduction of the wild turkey from Gould, Arizona.

Management Plan for North American Wild Turkey

The North American Wild Turkey Management Plan is designed to identify wild turkey habitat and potential habitat projects in North America using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology. The plan established wild turkey populations on approximately 2,000,000 acres (8,100 km 2) in North America. The future objective of the plan will be to identify the main habitat projects and areas important for wild turkeys, state by state. The plan has been endorsed nationally and internationally by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Management Organizations and the Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Management.

Go for the Gould

Since 2003, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the NWTF have transferred 320 wild turkeys from Mexico and Arizona to the Chiricahua, Huachuca and Pinalenos Mountains, as well as the Santa Ritas and Santa Catalina Mountains in the south of Mexico. Arizona thrived but was pulled out. Since 2000, the NWTF has spent over $ 428,000 for the restoration of Gould’s wild turkey.

Project support 

The HELP (Natural Habitat Improvement Program) is an NWTF program designed to help landowners manage and improve their lands by providing advice and offering seeds and seedlings at competitive prices. Since 1992, sales have generated more than 3 million pounds of seed and 2.5 million seedlings, or a total of 161,000 acres (650 km 2) of wild turkeys and other wildlife.

Regional Habitat Programs 

NWTF’s regional habitat programs provide seeds, tree seedlings and other habitat enhancement products to NWTF sections and private landowners across North America. There are eight programs, including:

Operation Appleseed (Northeast)
Operation Oak (South-East)
Operation Heartland (Midwest)
Operation SOS (Upper Midwest and Ontario, Canada)
Operation Big Sky (Great Plains)
Guzzlers for the Gobblers (West)
Great Lakes South Riverside Initiative
Northern Plains Riparian Restoration Initiative

Since 1997, NWTF has planted 1.5 million seedlings, conducted 856 water development projects, provided 300 tons of oat hay and left 2,500 acres (10 km 2) of standing grain to help the owners of large wild turkeys. Through the Guzzlers program alone, NWTF and its partners have invested over $ 3.5 million in habitat improvement projects in the West. Regional habitat programs have improved over 5,700,000 acres (23,000 km 2) for wildlife.

Outreach Programs

Afield families 

The NWTF paves the way for the promotion of hunting opportunities for young people through the Family Field Initiative. The US Sportsmen’s Alliance, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association join the NWTF to reduce barriers to hunting. Through Families Afield, the date of the report on youth hunting is used to help remove barriers for new and young hunters across the country. To date, changes in the legislation and regulations of Families Afield have helped to introduce more than 87,000 new hunters in the field. [3]


The NWTF’s JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sports Spirit) program was developed in 1981 and is dedicated to teaching the principles of wildlife management and safe, ethical and responsible hunting and other activities ranging from fishing to hiking. The program is designed for children up to 12 years of age.

The NWTF Xtreme JAKES program was developed in 2002 for adolescents aged 13 to 17 years. This program offers advanced opportunities and challenges that more closely match the abilities and experiences of older adolescents.

NWTF Scholarship Program 

Each year the NWTF offers a $ 10,000 national scholarship to a college-bound student, as well as several $ 1,000 university scholarships and numerous $ 250 local scholarships. The NWTF is also working with the FFA to offer a $ 5,000 scholarship to a student pursuing a degree in wildlife management or agriculture. The scholarship fund is administered through the national FFA. Each year, nearly $ 500,000 in scholarships are available to members of JAKES / Xtreme JAKES. To date, over $ 2.2 million has been awarded by the NWTF through its scholarship program.

Wheelin ‘Sportsmen NWTF

Wheelin ‘Sportsmen The NWTF offers people with disabilities opportunities to enjoy the outdoors by organizing local activities in local chapters such as hunting, fishing and shooting. Through this program, chapters host Wheellin ‘Sportsmen’s NWTF events across North America, with the participation of people with disabilities outside.

Women outside 

Women in the Outdoors is dedicated to providing a practical outdoor education for women. Outdoor learning activities, which allow women to try out activities ranging from hunting to hiking, are conducted throughout the United States and Canada.

More places to hunt

More Places to Hunt is the NWTF program designed to help provide more land for hunters on public and private lands. The NWTF has already spent close to $ 9 million and raised more than 400,000 acres (1,600 km 2) of land for hunters since 1987. Widespread urban sprawl, changes in land ownership and tighter the state and government have left far fewer private and public hunters access to quality wildlife areas. Studies conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation indicate that one of the main reasons why hunters abandon sport is that they can not find places to hunt. As the number of hunters decreases, government agencies lose income to support habitat and hunting grounds.


The NWTF produces two television programs that can be seen on the Pursuit Channel:

  • “Turkey Call” – is a fast paced magazine style program with the most famous hunting bird in America as the star of the show.
  • “Get in the Game” – provides viewers with land management tips and secrets to attract wildlife to their property.


  • The country of Turkey – the flagship publication of the NWTF, is dedicated to everything from features and field research to updates on the latest products suitable for turkey hunt and conservation enthusiasts.
  • JAKES – dedicated to news and information of interest to young people.
  • Xtreme JAKES – Online magazine for teenagers who love the outdoors and hunting.

Online Media

  • – the NWTF resource for wild turkey on the World Wide Web. NWTF is the world’s leading provider of information and communication technologies. banquet, call competitions and information on shooting events; audio clips of turkey sounds and information on wild turkey. It also provides links to NWTF outreach sites, electronic bulletin boards and Turkey’s Shoppe, an online store containing hunting gear, conservation papers and NWTF products and clothing.
  • NWTF’s classic television shows 24 hours a day.

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