Rocky Mountain Animal Defense  (  RMAD  )

Rocky Mountain Animal Defense  (  RMAD  ) is a non-profit  501-C-3  based in the United States  that helps to eliminate the suffering imposed by the man in the  region  Rocky Mountains  . The group was formed in 1994. The RMAD continues its mission through public education, community outreach, litigation, legislation and practical work. In May 2010, the group was renamed Rocky Mountain Justice for Animals under the direction of Executive Director Karen Breslin.


In 1993, a cover story of horrendous conditions was filmed during an intensive egg farm operation in Boulder, Colorado. Taking advantage of the advertising generated by the video, a small group of volunteers met to form the RMAD. Historically, the voluntary effort has fueled the work of RMAD. Over the years, paid staff have been set up to support these volunteers, carry out program work and administer the organization. Today, a small staff supports the organization, which continues to rely heavily on volunteers.


About 75% of RMAD funding comes from individual contributions and contributions. About 20% comes from foundations. The remaining 5% comes from companies and companies. The organization spends about 80% of its budget on programs that directly support education and advocacy efforts. It uses about 20% of its budget for administration and organizational development.

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