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The  Western Animal Rights Network  (  WARN  ) appeared in 2005 as a coalition for  the  groups of  animal rights  in the  west of England  and  south Wales  and acted as a news service for demonstrations animal rights and action reports. [1]  [2]

It was relaunched in August 2007 and continued to work for  the  total release of  animals  using  direct actions  and demonstrations to achieve this goal. There has also been an expansion to include not only  the South Wales,  but across the  country  of  Wales  , giving the country its first national group of animal rights. [2]  [3]

The site is also used by the  Animal Liberation Front  (ALF) in the same way that the international group uses Bite Back magazine   to  report   their criminal activities anonymously Under a disclaimer stipulating that the network  does not encourage any illegal activity  , the group publishes allegations of various forms of illegal release and  vandalism  , including acts against  McDonald’s  ,  KFC  and hunters property   . [4]  [5]

Campaigns and actions

Stop testing animals Sequani 

Sean Kirtley 

Following the arrest of  activists  of the  Stop Sequani Animal Testing (SSAT)  in May 2006 when 13 activists animal rights were arrested under the  2005 Law on Organized Crime and Police (SOCPA) WARN supported six of the militants. Similar to  SHAC 7  , six people who received  jail sentences in the UK between 3-6 years for the  use of  their website to “incite”  attacks on those who have done  business with  Huntingdon Life Science  ,  [6]  activists were called the  Six Sequani after a seventh agreed to a plea bargain. [7]  [8] In 2008, Sean Kirtley was imprisoned for four and a half years for a sustained protest campaign and David Griffiths was sentenced to 30-week prison terms, both for conspiracy to interfere with contractual relations of an animal research organization. [9]

December March 2007

On December 15, about 100 to 150 demonstrators demonstrated against Sequani Ltd in downtown Ledbury. Article 12 and Article 14 of the Law on Public Order were applied to limit the number of protesters who went to the laboratory to a maximum of fifteen. A spokeswoman for WARN claimed that law enforcement was cumbersome, which resulted in a female protestant rejected by the police for distributing leaflets. [10] [11]

During the march, the activists tried to block a road near the High Street, along with the Sequani Six. [12] Two activists were arrested for trying to lock together, while three others locked themselves together using arm tubes, which were then cut to release the individuals. The five were arrested and released on bail later in the evening until February 2008. [10] [11] [13]

Carnival against vivisection

Local media, activists and the network encouraged a Carnival Against Vivisection in Ledbury, with no original source for the event. [14] While the police were calling on the organizers to demonstrate and reveal their identity, demonstrators demonstrated in solidarity with Sean Kirtley, who was sentenced to prison in May for his participation in the campaign against Sequani laboratories, organization of marches with the police. [15] [16]

On the day of the action, 200 activists marched through Ledbury, many wearing black and green, others beating drums, waving flags and airhorns. [17]

Sun Valley Chicken Rescue 

On January 7, WARN reported that a chicken named Rocky had been “saved” from Uphampton Farm, Shobdon, Herefordshire, to the second largest poultry slaughterhouse in the UK. [18] This was in response to the recent high-profile television campaign by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver, which showed concern about aspects of the agricultural industry, including Sun Valley Foods, the bird was taken from. [19] The activists claimed to have avoided the security checkpoint, hiding behind a transport truck, in order to investigate the conditions [18] thatCompassion in World Farming said was poor on the Shobdon site. [19]

The group said the conditions were so bad that instead an individual took the opportunity to rescue a chicken called Rocky after the Chicken Run movie, so he would have been chased by four security guards and one van. [18] A man was arrested and released later on bail for attempted burglary, the police spokesman confirmed this and said they were still looking for another man in connection with the offense. Sun Valley refuted the allegations of cruelty and bad conditions by saying that their responsibility to the welfare of animals is very serious and that employees are trained to ensure the highest standards possible. [19] Since then,


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