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Geplaatst op 26-10-2021

Categorie: Lifestyle

Ace cool mint snus are available in different flavors and are offered under different brand names. What they all have in common is that the pouches contain a type of steamed tobacco, which has been put into moist powder form and have been mixed with salt and flavorings, among other things. You place these snus nicotine pouches in your mouth, usually under your upper lip, and through the mucous membrane the nicotine is absorbed into your blood. Without burning, without smoke, without bothering other people, and above all without smell.

No smoke but nicotine

Buying snus is a good alternative to smoking, you do get your daily nicotine but your surroundings are not bothered by it so even in places where you are not allowed to smoke you can still enjoy snus nicotine bags. The snus nicotine pouches are very well known in Sweden and Norway and may replace the cigarette in the future.

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Snus contains the addictive ingredient nicotine. If you are not addicted to this substance, it is best to stay away from it. Although snus is a lot safer than cigarettes and other tobacco products, its use can lead to health problems.